Santa Ana Facts

The Santa Ana Building Healthy Communities area has an estimated population of 91,513—94 percent of which are Latino, 88 percent Spanish speaking, and with a high concentration of youth.

Per capita average income of $16,891, which is substantially lower than the county average ($34,550).

Approximately 43 percent of Santa Ana’s non‐elderly adults lack health insurance, compared to 22 percent of comparably aged Orange County residents.

Santa Ana has one of the lowest levels of educational attainment among large U.S. cities, with only 50 percent of adults 25 years and older having a high school diploma or equivalent

Approximately 24 percent of families in the SABHC area are single parent households and 26 percent live in poverty, contributing to a poverty rate of 16.5 percent that is substantially higher than the county (9.5 percent), state (12.9 percent) and nation (13.2 percent).

Our Community

In May 2009, Central Santa Ana was selected as one of 14 sites to participate in The California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities Initiative. This award and designation launched an unprecedented effort to engage community residents, youth, public entities, schools, businesses, service providers, and non-profit organizations in the development of a ten year plan to build a healthy Central Santa Ana.

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