What Does Equity Mean?

We have the right to remain, reclaim, and thrive.

We believe in equitable development that meets the needs of underserved communities and individuals through projects, programs, and policies that are inclusive in their planning and implementation, and that reduce disparities while fostering places that are healthy, vibrant, and diverse.

We believe in the right of these communities to remain and thrive in Santa Ana and be safe from the unintended consequences of development that raise property values making the cost of living unaffordable, or that change the surrounding environment to where they no longer belong.

We believe in the need to reclaim our streets for safe, accessible, active transportation, including walking and biking, and that Complete Streets infrastructure will not displace Latino cultural businesses or Latino residents. We believe in the right of underserved communities to have access to healthy local food, and food production.

We believe in the need for a partnership amongst local business, community serving, accessible and affordable downtown that does not displace but is inclusive of its Latino identity and people.

How do ALL families thrive in Santa Ana?