Equity For All

What does #Equity4All mean?

Equity For All: Right to Remain, Reclaim & Thrive

We believe in…

  • Human Dignity
  • Families that are united and thriving
  • Equitable Land Use
  • Equitable Economic Development
  • Meaningful Participation

In the face of…

Exclusion/Displacement/Homelessness/Overcrowding/Unemployment/Lack of Parks/Lack of Economic Power/Lack of Opportunities for Meaningful Participation

We propose…

Right to Remain

  • Affordable, Accessible housing: COOPS
  • Anti-displacement policies
  • Dignified housing

Right to Reclaim

  • Multiple uses for spaces, land distribution
  • Microfarms

Right to Thrive

  • Time banking- alternative economy
  • Living Wage
  • Worker Co-ops