Mini-Becas de SABHC CENSO 2020/SABHC Mini-grant CENSUS 2020

Es con gran entusiasmo en que les anuncio el lanzamiento de uno de dos programa de mini-becas que tenemos durante este ciclo de becas, esta es la mini-beca de SABHC edición censo 2020.

Para el programa de mini-becas edición censo 2020, esperamos tener conversaciones intencionales sobre el censo y alcanzar a comunidades difíciles de contar y apoyar proyectos que eleven a grupos comunitarios y negocios, así también apoyarles en adquirir nuevas habilidades, aprender más sobre SABHC y el censo 2020.

Todas las solicitudes de mini-becas deben ser sometidas a mas tardar el 19 de Diciembre.  Estaremos otorgando un total de $13,000 para este programa edición censo.  Vea las solicitudes para mas detalles.  Para cualquier pregunta sobre este programa específico de mini-becas, no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo (Joel Cazares)

It is with great excitement that we announce one of two mini grant programs we are launching during this mini grant cycle, the  Mini-grant Census edition 2020.

For the mini-grant census edition program, we hope to have intentional census conversations and outreach with our hard-to-count communities and support projects that will uplift community groups and business as well as support them in acquiring new skills, learn more about SABHC and the upcoming census. 

All mini-grant applications are due by December 19 and we will be awarding a total of $13,000 for this mini-grant census edition program.  See application for more details.  For any questions on this specific mini-grant program, please don’t hesitate to contact me (Joel Cazares)

Aplicación Censo 2020 Español

Census Application English


Leadership Institute Description

The SABHC Leadership Institute (LI) is a pilot collaborative effort among the Santa Ana Building Healthy Communities Initiative (SABHC), current and potential partner organizations to increase the capacity, skills, and knowledge of community members from the City of Santa Ana.

Leadership Institute Mission

Providing Santa Ana community members and partners with the knowledge and skills needed for community engagement and to take civic action that empowers them to improve the quality of life of their neighborhoods.


Santa Ana has a base of community leaders that can advance the work of SABHC’s goals to ensure health, equality, and power for community members of Santa Ana.


To provide high quality trainings to the community members of Santa Ana to engage in community or civic engagement efforts by partnering with existing and new, organizations and agencies to ensure residents have the necessary knowledge, skills, and capacity to be the change they want to see in Santa Ana.

For more information contact: Idalia Rios / 949-466-7291

Leadership Institute First Cohort Report: Leadership_Institute_Cohort_One_Report.pdf

SABHC Mini-Grant Program 2018-2019

What’s a SABHC Mini-Grant?

The SABHC (Santa Ana Building Healthy Communities) Mini-Grant program is designed to provide financial support to community groups whom programs, projects and mission are aligned with the SABHC vision. We hope that through the Mini-Grant program, Santa Ana adult and youth residents have the opportunity to acquire new skills, be able to participate in community activities and projects, learn more about the work and campaigns being done by SABHC, and support safe and creative ways to have conversation about issues that impact our communities.

SABHC will be granting a total of $10,000 in mini-grants for the 2018-2019 mini grant program. Mini-Grants can only be used to buy material or equipment that is needed for the project to be successful. All equipment that is purchased through the mini-grants will remain property of SABHC so other community groups and projects can have access to it to replicate the success of a project or assist them better in their project. Groups and/or projects that are selected for a mini-grant can receive up to a maximum of $1,000.

Who can apply?

Eligible applicants are adult and youth residents, and community groups that will use the funds for projects that fulfill SABHC goals and focus in Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or affiliated zones (see map attached) and must benefit at least ten (10) community members.

For more information: