SABHC Volunteers

Jessy Nguyen

Jessy Nguyen graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in psychobiology. As the eldest son and a second generation child of Vietnamese refugees, Jessy was faced with an immense amount of pressure to prove the worth of his parents' sacrifices. Because a career in medicine was what his parents always wanted, Jessy decided to pursue the prestigious and rigorous path to become a doctor. During college, however, he became exposed to what he really wanted to do - to be involved with ways to create systemic changes for marginalized communities. As a result, Jessy began his political journey by advocating for educational equity in the Southeast Asian population through an organization called the Vietnamese Student Union. Eventually, after college, he decided to be involved with the Santa-Ana Building Healthy Communities with the goals to cultivate his understanding of the health system and work with other passionate individuals to push for a health system that, ultimately, is inclusive, efficient, and reliable.

Eduardo Araujo

Eduardo earned his B.A. in Behavioral Neuroscience from a small, private liberal arts institution - Connecticut College. During his years at Conn, Eduardo had the opportunity to transcend into other disciplines outside of his science major, and the pre-med requirements, to learn about the health inequities and racial disparities that exist among immigrant communities. After learning about these issues, Eduardo wanted to learn firsthand about the health issues that are rampant in his home of Santa Ana and address them via policy. Eduardo first heard about SABHC during his paid summer undergraduate-internship with The Coalition of Orange County Community Health Centers; after reading about the tremendous work that they do, Eduardo wanted to become a part of the initiative. Due to the polarizing political climate and the new presidential administration, he is willing to dedicate his time to work with other key policymakers, in both the city and county level, in order to preserve and build upon the work SABHC and other vital organizations have done for us. Eduardo is excited to become a part of this initiative and be able to serve his immigrant family.

Jocelyn Orellana

Jocelyn recently graduated from the University of California, Irvine majoring in Public Health Science. She got involved in Building Healthy Communities-Santa Ana because of her interest in being part of the Health4All Kids campaign. This campaign touched her on a personal level since she was excluded from health care access as a child. It gives her so much joy that any kid, no matter their immigration status, can receive preventive care without any restrictions thanks to the efforts of people like the members of BHC. Now, as an intern Jocelyn want to create changes in the community by educating people about their rights and health resources available to them, especially to her undocumented community. Jocelyn was born and raised in El Salvador and immigrated to the United States at the age of 15. As a recent immigrant, she went through many of the challenges that most immigrants experience like learning the language and adapting to a new culture and education system. These experiences shaped her to be the person that she is today and Jocelyn hopes to be an example to any teen immigrant that has the wrong idea that higher education is unattainable because of these challenges.