Sustainability Planning


Sustainability Planning Process

Sustainability Process

All Campaigns Canceled Meeting

It is hard to believe, but as you know, eight years of this ten-year initiative have flown by.  However, they have not passed without us making our mark.  The last 8 years have seen tremendous transformations in Santa Ana as a result of the diligent work of this collaborative.  Because the work does not finish, and because we have heard interest from you, we have embarked on a Sustainability Planning Process for what the years beyond 2020 and beyond the sustained supports of TCE will look like for SABHC.  Most of you know of this work already through the grantee and workgroup meetings, but here are some important upcoming dates and a recap of the process as well as the consultants that are helping to guide each process.

Sustainability Planning Committee

Eric Altman

Eric Altman has been facilitating major components of the Sustainability Planning process, through the Sustainability Planning Committee, with input from the workgroups, and with the approval of the Board Committee.   These include:

  • Mission and vision development- Completed!
  • Roles and Responsibilities- In Progress!
  • Market Assessment
  • Structures and Staffing
  • Resource development
  • Organizational development goals

UPDATE: Grantees and workgroups have now provided input into the prioritization of the Roles and Responsibilities projected to be part of the initiative post 2020.  This information will be reviewed by the Board Committee next for approval and will be shared with all partners at the Sustainability Assembly meetings in August and September.  If you have questions on the Roles and Responsibilities please contact Eric

Each of these components is discerned, debated and drafted by the Sustainability Planning Committee*. Their proposal goes to the Board Committee for draft approval, then to the Workgroups for review. The input collected goes back to the Sustainability Planning and Board Committee* for final drafting and approval, respectively. This process is expected to go through Early 2019.  * See below for committee members.

Emerging Points of Collaboration and Shared Narrative Project

Abraham Medina

Abraham Medina is supporting the sustainability process by conducting one on ones with over 40 SABHC affiliated members in order to explore current shifts in organizational focus, resources and priorities, as well as youth and adult resident participation as new organizations, collaboratives and campaign priorities emerge. The goal is to make the sustainability process more inclusive of everyone’s voice and perspective in order for the entire process to best support the sustainability goals of rising collaboratives, emerging organizations and resident led projects.

Additionally, the aim is for these new collaboratives or work groups to explore campaign priorities, intersecting systemic targets and root causes in order to gage whether or not there is a need for a larger collaborative and coordinating structure, along with a Shared Master Narrative.  A shared narrative can facilitate a vision that intersects our multiple campaigns and emerging workgroups, which will help us leverage our collective people power by uniting under a common platform, making our long term demands clear.  

UPDATE: All Campaigns Meeting- Emerging Clusters of Collaboration:

We have changed the date of the first All Campaigns Meeting to Friday, August 31st from 9am-5pm at Latino Health Access, and added two additional dates in September. The 1-1s with Abraham have yielded rich feedback that we want to be responsive to, and have therefore re-designed and extended our all-campaign meetings. Abraham will be finalizing the 1-1’s with ED’s, organizers and residents during the second week of August.  If you have not yet met with Abraham please reach him at to schedule an appointment.

In August, you will hear a report back from the 1-1s and begin conversations on emerging clusters of collaborations in diverse areas of work. These conversations will inform the Funder Landscape research, and are connected to subsequent pieces of the sustainability process, so it is crucial to have as many people participate as possible.  We will be coordinating stipends for residents who are able to miss a day of work in order to attend, and offering childcare and interpretation. 

SABHC Accomplishments- Learning and Evaluation

Jackie Tran

Jackie Tran is supporting this effort by collecting data and stories on the progress made towards the 17 targeted changes we first drafted in the 10 Year Strategic Plan of SABHC. As a barometer for our planning process, it is important that we document and report all of the accomplishments and impacts of the SABHC initiative these last 8 years. This process has begun in the workgroups, and  at the SABHC Assembly meeting from June 2nd, where we posted all of the accomplishments we’ve documented and invited participants to review, add and edit. We will continue to reach out to you for more reviews and inputs through the Fall.

During our last assembly meeting on June 2nd we collected input from resident and organizational partners on the progress we’ve made over the original 17 targeted changes of the 10 Year Strategic Plan of SABHC. Now Executive Directors from grantee organizations can expect a survey to name your organization's contributions to these accomplishments and the impact they have had on Santa Ana. Please be on the lookout for the survey coming soon.

UPDATE: We invite Executive Directors from grantee organizations to name your organization’s contributions to the accomplishments of the SABHC initiative and the impact they have had on Santa Ana through a survey sent out Monday, August 6th. This survey has been developed by Jackie Tran, our Learning and Evaluation consultant, and will inform the funder landscape research for funding post 2020.  We ask for organizations to complete the survey by August 24th, and Jackie and Deborah will follow up with you in person through 1-1’s towards the end of August/ beginning of September. If you did not receive a survey please contact Jackie at

Funder Landscape Analysis

Deborah Phares

Deborah Phares will be conducting interviews and research into potential sources of funding for collaborative work post 2020.  Her work will include a directory of movement funders, case studies, recommendations, funding trends, and strategic conversations around fund development beyond 2020 and will begin in August. 

UPDATE: Foundations 101 Resident Training:

We will host a training for residents as part of the Funder Landscape Analysis. Date and Location TBD, on understanding foundations, the granting process, and the relationship between community and funder interests.  Please share this information with residents of your workgroups and organizations.

Rebranding- New Look, New Name

Once the major components of the Sustainability Planning Process are completed we will move into what will be our new identity. This will include a rebrand of Name, Logo and systems for collaborations including a shared database for workgroups.

UPDATE: Research into data sharing has already begun as a pilot with the Equity for All Workgroup and technical assistance providers Aspirations, with whom we are preparing a Data Governance Structure. We will also be sharing this with other workgroups as we develop the process and language.

Stay engaged!

Be on the lookout for additional emails on updates for Sustainability Planning, and feel free to reach Ana at, 714-335-1528 or Eric at for any questions.