Our Vision

Santa Ana Building Healthy Communities (SABHC), is a holistic attempt to help reweave the fraying fabric of lower income communities by harnessing the latent power and potential of their residents. It is an initiative that aims to transform communities by building power (social, political, and economic), implementing proven health protective policy, and changing the narrative about what produces health (beyond just health insurance and individual behavior). The idea is to revitalize local democracy so as to transform these environments into places where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Vision and Core Values

“In 2020, Central Santa Ana will be a healthy, safe and vital community where diversity is a strength and residents of all ages work together and in partnership with multiple sectors to create opportunities for optimal physical, mental, economic and social well-being across geographic boundaries.”

Four principles values drive the SABHC community and its work:

  • Family is the heart of community and social change;
  • Trust and Respect are necessary to build relationships and work together day-today to reach our long term goals;
  • Mutual accountability, transparency and accountability across affinity groups (systems leaders, residents, organizations) are necessary to make the changes we want;
  • We embrace diversity; it is a strength and infused in all the work we do.

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