Invest in Youth

Invest in Youth Vladimir

Seeks to create a space that allows the youth of Santa Ana to engage their local elected officials and city staff to invest in more services and programs for the youth in Santa Ana. This campaign is by youth for youth.

Fast facts on the Santa Ana budget

  • Santa Ana spends 22% more money on jailing its youth than on investing in youth.
  • Santa Ana spends $195 per youth on positive youth development compared to $12,770 on each youth arrested.

Santa Ana residents support youth development

  • 86% of Santa Ana residents believe we should be as invested in young people outside the classroom as we are in students inside the classroom.
  • 89% of Santa Ana residents strongly support increasing public funding for youth development.
  • 85% of Santa Ana residents agree that we are not allocating enough of our budget to our most important investment: our youth.

Community Land in Community Hands

There are over 90 city-owned empty lots owned by the City that can be put to better use. Instead of selling-off this once-in-lifetime asset, the City should engage local residents in the decision and development process to produce public benefits for future generations.

Remain and Thrive Platform

The City owns more than 90 parcels of public land that must be used for public benefit, especially for the benefit of low-income, working class residents. Instead of selling these lands, the City should involve its residents in a transparent and democratic development process. Further, we demand that portions of these lands are allocated to a community land trust, to be developed from a community-led perspective.

Tenant Protections

In the past the City has used federal dollars to enforce tenant rights and protect families from eviction. The City should consider reinvesting in eviction defense by holding Know-Your-Rights trainings or more directed legal defense assistance for tenants in eviction proceedings.

Remain and Thrive Platform

  • Just Cause Ordinance
  • Rent Stabilization
  • Rental Assistance Program
  • Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act
  • Increase Affordable Housing

Restorative Justice in Schools

The rates of expulsions have dropped because of the successful work of the Education for All workgroup and its involvement with the Santa Ana Unified School District School Climate Committee.




Sanctuary City & Universal Representation

Allocate adequate funding for Universal Representation in the form of an immigration legal defense fund of $300,000, and continue to fully implement and expand the Santa Ana Sanctuary Law passed in 2017.

District Elections/City Ward Maps

To promote a more democratic electoral system that does includes all communities that live and vote in Santa Ana.


On Tuesday, October 16th at the Santa Ana council meeting was the third hearing to redraw the city map, there were 15 residents in favor,  4 of them made public comment advocating for plan D. Just One opposition comment sent by email. The demographer presented a new map  Plan D2. This map was created with recommendations of the communities of interest  "Lacy ".

3 Final Ward Maps

Ward Re Boundary Presentation ENGLISH

Re Dibujar Mapas de Distritos ESPANOL

Bao Quát Việc Tái Phân Chia Khu Vực Thành Phố Santa Ana


Next steps:

October 30th Santa Ana council will have the fourth hearing to choose one of the  3 maps Plan "C"  Plan "D" or Plan "D2". Santa Ana residents will continue to support the new map Plan D2.

Health4All Kids

In 2015, California passed a law that allows all low-income undocumented children and youth under 19 years old to enroll in full-scope Medi-Cal. As of May 16, 2016, all low-income children, regardless of immigration status, are able to enroll in health coverage and get care.