Equity For All

Remain and Thrive Platform

“Santa Ana is Not For Sale”

In 2017, there was more than 500 evictions in the City of Santa Ana and the numbers are still increasing. We live with housing insecurity and our living conditions have worsened, affecting our health and squeezing our pockets to the point of suffocation. We are tired of living in homes that depend on the discretion of property owners that do not invest in the well being of our children and increase the rent to their benefit. We are tired of not being heard and now more than ever, we will not give up the fight to defend our human right to just and dignified housing.

The City should approve the following proposals immediately to ensure a Santa Ana where we can remain and thrive:

  • Just Cause Ordinance
  • Rent Stabilization
  • Rental Assistance Program
  • Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act
  • Community Lands in Community Hands
  • Lead Soil Contamination
  • Businesses Free of Contamination
  • Increase Affordable Housing



What does #Equity4All mean?

Equity For All: Right to Remain, Reclaim & Thrive

We believe in…

  • Human Dignity
  • Families that are united and thriving
  • Equitable Land Use
  • Equitable Economic Development
  • Meaningful Participation

In the face of…

Exclusion/Displacement/Homelessness/Overcrowding/Unemployment/Lack of Parks/Lack of Economic Power/Lack of Opportunities for Meaningful Participation

We propose…

Right to Remain

  • Affordable, Accessible housing: COOPS
  • Anti-displacement policies
  • Dignified housing

Right to Reclaim

  • Multiple uses for spaces, land distribution
  • Microfarms

Right to Thrive

  • Time banking- alternative economy
  • Living Wage
  • Worker Co-ops