At the root of the Health for All workgroup is education, access, equality, and coverage for the remaining uninsured, including undocumented immigrants. Excluding undocumented Californians from the fundamental human right of health is immoral, inhumane, and it is a threat to the health of all of our communities. → Learn more

The Education Workgroup aims to build and create a movement that transforms minds, hearts, communities, and systems through Education. The prioritized system changes focus on ending the school to prison to deportation pipeline. Some of the specific proposals include community conferencing, implementation of Restorative Justice in schools, healing circles in schools and in the community, community oriented policing, School Climate and a civilian oversight committee. → Learn more

In the face of displacement, overcrowding, unemployment, homelessness, and a lack of economic power, parks, good food, and opportunities for meaningful participation, Equity for All works towards the “Right to Remain, Reclaim, and Thrive.” Key actions include: worker cooperatives, micro farms, affordable housing, anti-displacement policies, and community-led economic development. → Learn more